Medication at School

If your child needs to take medication during school hours, we would like to remind you of some important safety policies:

Parents must bring medication (Prescription or OTC) to and from school.  Students are not allowed to transport medication. 

Medication must be in the original container.

Your child’s name must be affixed to the original container.

Prescriptions must have appropriate pharmacy labeling. 

Medications must not be expired. 

Appropriate medication authorization forms (see below) MUST be filled out and submitted to the school office before any medication can be administered.

Note: It is the parent's responsibility to ensure that an adequate amount of medication is on hand and to inform the school in writing of any changes in medication instructions.


Required Forms

Click here to access school health forms including medication authorization forms.

Form A - “Authorization for medication administration must be submitted for any medication use during school hours including student self-administration. 

Form B - “Permission for student to self-medicate” must be submitted for student self-medication along with Form A.  Please note that Form B requires building administrator authorization as well as medical practitioner instruction and authorization to “self-medicate.” (“Self-medication authorized” may be stated on RX label).


District Nurses

Lisa Church, RN   503-825-5456

Jerilyn Wernet, RN  503-825-5488

Click here to view the district's health services webpage.

Forms and medication must be turned into the front office by a parent or guardian.