Approved Game List

The computers at school are to be used for research and learning. Only games that promote higher thinking skills or that support our curriculum should be played on the computers. Games may not be played during class time without a teacher’s permission. No games will be played before school, after school, or at lunch-time.


Below are games that promote higher thinking:    


Keyman and Bubble Typing Games – typing skill game; fast-action

Only Typing Games - Many games to show off your typing skills.

Who Wants to Win $1,000,000? – Science version of Millionaire

Incredibots - build games, solve physics puzzles

Grammar Gorillas – grammar reinforcement

Hangman – classic word/spelling game

Hangman (Science Vocabulary) 

The Waitress Game – Can you keep the customers satisfies? -rpg game

* Now Boarding - Run your own airline business -rpg

Let It Flow – Fun timed puzzle game

Totem Destroyer - Blow up the right blocks so the ancient idol won't hit the ground.

Magic Pen- Draw shapesand use physics to capture the flags

Coffee Tycoon – Run your own coffee business RPG

Peasant Quest – RPG from the 80’s.

Geography Games –  Can you name the countries?

Web Sudoku – Puzzling number game

QuizHub – quizzes, logic games

Jefferson Labs Games – Math and science games and puzzles.

* Cool Math Games -

Powder Game - Artistic and creative fun - EXCEPT for the games FIller and Physics Invader, you can play any game here

Color Infection - Figure this one out! It's not easy.

Super Stacker - Puzzle with stacking various shapes.

* Poptropica - Virtual world


Fun and Interesting Sites:

Brain of Brian – Funny!

Opitical Illusions – Amazing tricks to play on your eyes! -Mental math tricks to wow your friends

Oregon Bluebook Kid’s Section  - Find out how much you know about Oregon: Games, Trivia, Quizzes

Money at the U.S. Mint – Find out about the new coins. Activities.

Updated 10/3/2018