7th Grade Team

    Welcome to the 7th grade team page!  Individual teacher pages are linked below, and the 7th grade academic calendar is below that.  Finally, at the bottom of the page you can find a link to the district website regarding teaching and learning policies.

Note: the following teachers make up the seventh grade team.  If you do not see a teacher's name below, that means that they are either on the sixth grade or eighth grade page.  Head to those team pages for information.

Tami Cammack (FACS/Spanish)
Andrea Clyde (LA/SS)
Dani Coughran (PE and Health)
Debbie Hartley (Special Education)
Jenn Bolser (Counselor) 
Shawn Lally (Team Sports)
Robyn Lunden (Special Education)
Travis Simpson (Math/Science/Outdoor Survival) 
Tracie Wickham (Science)
Nathan Yoder (LA/SS)

7th Grade Academic Calendar