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LRMS Grading Categories 2013-2014



Definition for Parents/Students




Summative Assessments of student proficiency against standards.   These assessments require students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills called for by content standards and represent student learning over a period of time.

Tests, performance tasks, projects, presentations...



Assignments, activities, tasks, or assessments which help students develop proficiency on a standard.  These assignments inform teaching and provide feedback for learning but are not a summative assessment of learning.  

Quizzes, practice tests, assignments...



This category is generally used as a means to communicate important information regarding student behaviors such as effort, responsibility, participation and work completion.  Entries in this category have no impact on a student’s grade.

Participation grades, permission slips, practice logs...

FAQ's: Absences

→I was absent. Did I miss anything? ABSOLUTELY! What do I do?

  • Check academic team calendar online. Download attached files if applicable and complete assignment to the best of your ability.

  • Check the Absence Station at an appropriate time (before school, after instruction during class, or after school) Take materials available for the days you missed and complete.

  • You have the same number of days to make up work as the number of days you missed. For example, if you were absent for 2 days, you have 2 days to turn in missing work without penalty.

→How can I improve my grade?

  • Print Synergy report and check for retake opportunities on assessment scores

  • Complete proficiency practice for the assessment you are retaking.

  • Conference with your teacher to check off proficiency practice.

  • Complete retake.

  • When retake is returned, fill out your proficiency tracker with new score and repeat steps if necessary

→I need help, what do I do?

  • Take advantage of class time – please ask questions!

  • Schedule an appointment with me – I will do my best to help you succeed!  

  • Check my website and the 8th grade team calendar for additional resources.