Allen M. Sugiyama

8th Grade Science, Team Sports and Speed and Agility

 Laurel Ridge 8th Grade Science is a content based course that offers unique lab experiences through state-of-the-are facilities and the use of exceptional lab equipment that engages students in a progressive learning environment. Speed and Agility is a 6th-8th grade PE elective that offers students opportunities to reach Presidential fitness and beyond as well as challenging students to push themselves at a comfortable pace and appropriate level. Team Sports is a course designed to teach skills, citizenship, etiquette and rules of a variety of competitive and recreational games.

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 Trimester 3: Weather and Climate:

Life-Science Jeopardy 2014

Species Notes 2014

Study Guide and Answer Key 2014

Evidence for Evolution 2014

Natural Selection and DWD 2014

Space Jeopardy 2014

May 21st, Tides

May 20th, Lunar Phases

Space Poster

Eco-Friendly Business 2014

Inconvenient Truth Permission Slip

Argumentative Essay 2014

Changes in our Atmosphere 2014

Climate Change 2014

Air Mass and Fronts 2014

Weather and Climate Study Guide 2014

Local and Global Winds

Storms and Posters  2014

Air Masses and Fronts

Volcanoes Hot Spot Mini Lab

Volcano Review: Jeopardy

Trimester 2: Earth, Life and Physical Science

Winter Science Syllabus

Windmill Activity

Motion Practice

December 5th, 2013 (motion)

December 6th, 2013

December 12th Jeopardy

Sticky Sneaker Data 

Heat Transfer Study Guide

Heat Transfer Jeopardy

Rock Notes

Rock Cycle

Mining the Web LM 103-105 (Some Links may not work)

 Mineral Extension

Mineral Test January 31st, 2014 (Notes)

Rock Study Guide

Rocks Jeopardy  2014

Earthquake Notes 2.24.14

Trimester 1: Chemistry



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8th grade

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PE Electives 

Speed and Agility


Team Sports
2012-2013 Documents 
 Trimester 3: Earth Science

Trimester 2: Electricity and Magnetism & Motion, Forces and Energy

 Trimester 1: Chemistry

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