Course Description:

                        2012-13    (LRMS)        Engineering & Art Class 

General Information:

     This is a one year class every other day for 6th, 7th and 8th graders. You will learn about safety, working well with others, problem solving, elements of art and design, engineering and technology, and also quality workmanship.

What Student Will Do (Most of these activities and other ones too):

- Scary Skeleton Drawings & Wiggle Skeleton          - Learn about inventors and artists    

- 8” tall popsicle stick tower that you can stand on    - Sketching, Drawing, Coloring          -Advanced Cartooning

 - Popsicle stick house wall section                             - Junk Art                - Draw with WORD & SKETCHUP on CAD

- Make your own sketchbook                         - Ceramics (coil vase, sculptured animals, cup with plant, and more)

- Propeller driven car and helicopter    - Wood Unit: (stand w/ mirror, Jacob’s Ladder toy, wooden flip flops)                                                                      

Where Things are in this Room:   Please read the announcement on the front board everyday as you walk in. The pencil sharpener, scissors, rulers, protractors, glue, paint, tape and blank drawing paper are on the shelf by the windows. Cool books inside this book shelf. Class bell schedule is on back cabinet. Recycle and trash bins around the room. Hall pass is taped to a clipboard and kept at the front of room. Tissues and extra pencils are on my desk. In event of fire or fire drill, please go out the front door to the main parking lot. Stand quietly in single line.

Class Rules: 

Be SAFE with hand tools, drills and wood burning tools.  Be ON TIME (in your seat when the bell rings).  Be RESPECTFUL to others in the room and their work.  Be RESPONSIBLE to do your work well, keep your cubbie bin organized and turn in work on time. AND DO NOT THROW ANYTHING. It could result in a detention.

Grading Policy:    I try to use the proficiency grades of Exceeding, Proficient, Progressing, Emerging and Insuffient Evidence. But report card grades still look like …….... 100% = A+  90-99% = A     80-89% = B     70-79% = C      60-69% = D    10%-50% = F

Homework/Tests?      There is little or no homework assigned. You may need to take class work home to finish it if it’s not done by the due date. We have a few quizzes and tests.

Tardies:   3rd tardy per trimester = 30 minute detention.  Every tardy after that = 30-minute detention.

Discipline Policy:

     Most students will never get a warning in my class because they work hard and behave appropriately. If a student is out of his/her seat, talking inappropriately, or doing other behavior that breaks class rules, then that student might get a warning. The 3rd warning = 30-minutes detention before or after school + FYI form sent to office. The 4th warning = referral to administrator, call home to parents and another detention. These warnings last one whole week.

Do More Work Than Requested:  It’s good to do more work than requested. This will help your grade.

Late Work:   Students have a lot of time in class to finish assignments. There is a due date for each assignment. You might be sent to office to insure you get your work turned in.

Storing Your Work Overnight:  This year you will get a storage bin for your work (2-3 students per bin). Put your name on all of your work, even wood and clay projects. TAKE WORK HOME AFTER IT IS GRADED. DO NOT LEAVE IT IN THE CLOSET because the closet gets too full.

Clean Up:

     It’s your responsibility to clean off your table before you leave. Help out to help clean up and organize the supplies on the counter during the wood and clay activities. Do not leave until your area is clean. When sanding, gluing, or painting on any project, you must work on a sheet of newspaper to keep the table clean.

Other Things:  At end of class, stay in your seats until dismissed. Last class of the day:  please put up chairs.