Leadership Characteristics

(Filled out by Ms. Patterson

Committee Work / Assignments

Uses class time wisely:

—        Is productive at necessary work location

—        Works efficiently



—        Speaks effectively/respectfully

—        Problem solves/asks for assistance when needed

—        Collaborates well


Takes initiative:

—        Takes charge / leads a group

—        Demonstrates flexibility

—        Puts in extra time outside of class if needed


Follows through:

—        Is dependable

—        Completes necessary paperwork

—        Meets deadlines

—        Is on time


Role Model:

—        Consistently sets a good example of behavior and attitude

—        Motivates others to participate

—        Puts forth best effort

—        Exercises good judgement outside of class



Total for characteristics: ______ / 16           Total for committee work: _____ / 6