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Social Studies Study Guide


Study Guide
Here is what kids need to know:

Standards: Click on the standards link on my homepage for a copy of the grading rubric and standards being assessed and how they will be graded.


Analyze cause and effect relationships, including the importance of individuals, ideas, human interests, and beliefs.

Describe the rise; the political, technological, cultural achievements; and the decline of ancient civilizations.

Write expository texts to examine a topic and convey ideas, concepts, and information through the selection, organization, and analysis of relevant content. 

Integrate visual information (e.g., in charts, maps, graphs, photographs, videos, or maps) with other infomration in print and digital texts.

Study questions:

Study questions:

1.       How does the environment modify how humans live?

a.       Humans cannot live in certain areas: survival is hard or impossible

b.      Humans cannot grown food or get water in certain areas

c.       Clothing – dependent on environment


2.       How do humans modify their environment?

a.       Build: buildings, schools, houses, roads, bridges…

b.      Deforestation

c.       Hunt/Fish

d.      Pollution

e.       Wars

f.        Irrigation – water systems


3.       How do humans adapt to their environment?

a.       Clothing

b.      Transportation: how they travel

c.       Food: what can grow or catch

d.      Jobs: what work is there to do

e.       Recreation: what fun/extra events can people do


4.       How do humans depend upon their environment?

a.       Food

b.      Water

c.       Shelter

d.      Clothing

e.       Transportation

f.        Jobs

g.       Resources

h.      Medicine

i.        Recreation

j.        Air


5.       If you wanted to build a civilization in a certain area, how would you depend, adapt, and modify that environment to survive?



1.       Human-environment interaction: how humans and the environment interact (+/-) with each other

2.       Natural barrier: mountains, rivers, deserts, forests (anything not manmade)

3.       Modify: change

4.       Adapt: change to fit into  

5.       Depend: need to survive

6.       Environment: weather, animals, plants, water

7.       Effect: what happens because of something

8.      Cause: What started or created something to happen