Greek/Latin Root words

This quiz will not be until Friday, April 19.  

Our words all have JUR/JUS/JUD in them.  
JUR/JUS/JUD mean "law/justice."

Directions: Kids need to study what the words mean and how to use the words in context.  Their sentences need to be detailed enough that the only word that will work in that particular sentence is the one they have used. If kids lose their words/definitions we use in class, they have the answer packet at home and the extra list below. 

For example:  If my word is manacles (handcuffs):

Correct: The manacles were put tightly on the criminal before he got into the police car. This sentences accurately describes what manacles are without just giving the definition.

Incorrect:  The manacles were tight.  I could use lots of words instead of manacles here, so this sentence is not detailed enough.

Incorrect:  Manacles are handcuffs.  I don't just want kids to tell me the definition - that is not using it in context.

Here are the JUR/JUS/JUD words for this week:

1. ADJURE: to give up rights; to recant
2. JUDGE: a person chosen to interpret laws, decide on a winner, or settle a controversy
3. JURISDICTION: the territory or land in which justice and laws are administered and followed
4. JURIST: an expert in law
5. JURY: a group of people sworn to abide by the laws to determine the truth
6. JUST: lawful; fair
7. JUSTICE: fairness; rightfulness
8. JUSTIFICATION: the fact that is said to prove that something is true (evidence)
9. JUSTIFY: to prove; offer
10. PERJURY: to break the law by lying; to break a formal promise; to break an oath