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Week of Feb 6-10



School Events


What’s happening in class this week?


What was I asked to complete today in class?


Assessments / Homework


B day

Green Schedule

LA: Reading

SS: Egypt

LA: Can I use reading strategies to answer questions and then create a constructed response using evidence from the text?

SS: Can I determine the effects of living next to the Nile River and so many deserts?


A day

Green Schedule

LA: Writing

SS: Egypt

LA: Can I organize my ideas into categories?

SS: Can I evaluate how the Egyptians adapted, depended, and modified to survive?

SS: Quiz


B day

Orange Schedule

LA: Writing

SS: Egypt

LA: Can I flashdraft my ideas?

SS: Can I identify the key pharaohs (leaders) of ancient Egypt?


A day

Green Schedule

LA: Writing

SS: Egypt

LA: Can I begin to finalize my drafts into clear, organized, and detailed paragraphs?

SS: Can I evaluate the effectiveness the key pharaohs (leaders) of ancient Egypt?


B day  

Green Schedule

LA: Genius Hour: literature

SS: Egypt

LA: Literacy skill development

SS: Can I for an opinion and back it up with evidence and explanation on who the best pharaoh in ancient Egypt was?

Coming Up:


Power Hour



Art Group 





1/30-2/17: Pennies for Patients Fundraiser

2/8: School Board Mtg

2/9: SEF Sip and Spell Fundraiser

2/10: Menchies Night

2/13-2/17: Spirit Week

2/15: Immunization Exclusion Day

2/17: 8th grade dance

2/17: Bus Evacuation Drills

2/28: NJHS Induction Ceremony


Green Schedule:

Period 1   8:00-8:59

Period 2   9:03-10:02

Period 3   10:06-11:05

Period 4   11:09-12:11      

Lunch      12:14-12:44

Period 5   12:47-1:47

Period 6   1:51-2:50


Orange/PRIDE Schedule:              

Period 1    8:00-8:53

  Pride        8:57-9:27                         

Period 2   9:31-10:24                

Period 3   10:28-11:21

Period 4   11:25-12:22

Lunch      12:26-12:56        

Period 5   1:00-1:53

Period 6   1:57-2:50

Early Release Schedule:  

 Period 1    8:00-8:42      

Period 2   8:46-9:28            

  Period 3   9:32-10:14           

Period 4   10:18-11:09

Lunch    11:13-11:43  

Period 5   11:47-12:29

Period 6   12:33-1:15


To contact Ms. Roby, please email her at broby@sherwood.k12.or.us.


For further directions, visit the google calendar on any 6th grade teacher’s webpage.