Carly Barnett
8th Grade Science

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Laurel Ridge Middle School
8th grade Science 

School: (503) 825-5800

Classroom (503) 825-5836

Tips for success in Mrs Barnett's Science class:

1. check your Canvas calendar for presentations, videos, upcoming assessments and other resources.

2. Bring your charged chromebook every day.

3. Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions!!!

4. Review presentations from class.

5. Always do the work you missed when absent

6. Check Synergy for missing assignments.

What to do when you are absent:

1. Log onto Canvas for your calendar to find class work and print out any presentations/worksheets.

2. Ask a friend what happened in class.

3. Try the work you missed.  (You have as many days as you were gone to                     make up the work unless your absence is near the end of the trimester)

4. Check the absent file crate in the back of the classroom.

5. After you have followed steps 1-4 show any completed work to 

me and ask what else you can do to make up the work missed.

How to raise your grade: 

1. Check Synergy and locate low scores.  Where do you tend 

to unperformed?

2. Check you Canvas calendar to see when our next 

assessment will be and ask Mrs. Barnett how to prepare.

3. Look over the current unit and ask friends and Mrs. 

Barnett about objectives you are struggling with.

4. Work on getting classwork and homework done on time.

→I need help, what do I do?

  • Take advantage of class time – please ask questions!

  • e-mail Mrs. Barnett any questions

  • Schedule an appointment with me – I will do my best to help you succeed!  

  • Check my website and the 8th grade team calendar for additional resources.

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