Here is what kids need to know:

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Study questions:
1. Why did Paleolithic people not survive as well as Neolithic?
                a.  They did not have enough resources to survive.  They had limited food and tools.
2. Why was farming a positive adaptation for Neolithic people?  How did it enable them to survive better?
                a.  They now had a regular food supply and could store surplus.  It allowed them to feed more people and thus, the 
                    population grew.  With a larger population, they had more jobs to choose from, and they
                    developed better resources/weapons.
3. What type of technological tools did the Paleolithic people have? 
            a.  Anything found in nature: simple stone tools made of stone and sticks.  Not very efficient. 
4.  How did the Paleolithic and Neolithic people depend upon their environment?
            a. Paleo: Everything, but they were not successful in surviving because they were too busy hunting and gathering to 
                             find additional resources to create better technology.
            b. Neo: Everything, but they used the resources better since they had a stable food supply through farming.  They had a 
                          large population, so everyone helped each other out.
5. Why were Neolithic people able to have better resources?
            a. They had better resources because they farmed, which meant they had a stable food supply, and surplus.  This 
                 allowed them to have specialization of labor (choose a job), create items to trade for better resources, and develop
                 a culture.
6.  What type of shelter did the Paleo and Neo people live in?
            a. Paleo: cave, teepee, nothing
            b. Neo: mud huts
7. What jobs did the Paleo and Neo people have?
            a. Paleo: hunt and gather
            b. Neo: specialization of labor (choice of job)
8.  How did Paleo and Neo people get their food?
            a. Paleo: hunt and gather
            b. Neo: hunt and farm

1. specialization of labor: choice of job
2. nomad: people who move around to follow the food source
3.  Paleolithic: Old Stone Age
4.  Neolithic: New Stone Age
5.  Domesticate: tame wild plants and animals
6.  technology: tools made
7.  cause:  the why
8.  effect: what happened 
9. surplus: extra resource
10: settlement: band or group/population of a civilization