Social Studies and Language Arts Syllabus

Social Studies

Though our study of ancient civilizations we focus on the three 6th grade priority standards:

    1.  Locate and examine physical and human characteristics of places and regions, their impact on developing societies, and their connections and interdependence.

    2.  Describe the rise; the political, technological, and cultural achievements; and the decline of ancient civilizations in Europe, Asia, and Africa prior to the Roman Empire.

    3.  Analyze cause and effect relationships, including the importance of individuals, ideas, human interests and beliefs.

Trimester 1:                                                  Trimester 2:                                                    Trimester 3:                              

Geography                                                    Finish Mesopotamia                                      China
Early Humans                                             Egypt                                                                 Mesoamerica
Mesopotamia                                               India

Language Arts

During language arts class we will be focusing on reading, writing and speaking skills.  We will have weekly Greek and Latin roots practice as well as weekly current events assignments.

Trimester 1:
Reading - Figurative/Connotative Meaning, Informational Text
Novel - Stepping on the Cracks
Speaking - 1 assessed speech per trimester
Writing - Word Choice (Verbs/Adjectives/Nouns, etc), Figurative Language and Parts of Speech/Narrative Writing

Trimester 2:
Reading - Inferences, Point of View, Informational Text
Novel - Boy in Striped Pajamas, Biography
Speaking - 1 assessed speech per trimester
Writing - Sentence Fluency/Conventions/Narrative Writing/Dialogue

Trimester 3:
Reading - Theme, Research, Informational Text, OAKS Testing
Novel - Biography, Literature Circles
Speaking - 1 assessed speech per trimester
Writing - Expository Writing, Organizations, Biographies, Outdoor School Newspaper