A little about your teacher…..
I have been teaching music at all grade levels for 30+ years.  My choral experience comes from the many adult, handbell and children’s musicals/choirs I have directed at my church.  I grew up and attended Sherwood schools and have taught in the district for a long time. I also teach private piano students and love to walk/hike, scrapbook and laugh!  I love the joy that comes from making music.

A choir is a team that grows together – learning to trust and respect each other.  All abilities & levels of musicianship are blended.  And, like a beautiful work of art, the colors of voices and personalities of the students emerge into an amazing sound!  We take ‘little black and white spots on paper’ and with a little ‘musical magic’ (i.e. music education!) bring the music to life!
I’m looking forward a great year together!
                                                                                                                            Mrs. Aldinger


 Choir Philosophy
The purpose of the choral program at Laurel Ridge Middle School is to instill a lifelong love of music through singing individually and as a chorus. We will study music from early classical literature through popular songs of today. An emphasis is placed on learning to read music in order to give students the necessary skills to enjoy choral music throughout their lives. Through strong community building and an attitude of excellence we can accomplish great things together.


Choir Expectations

  • Attend all choir activities listed in the calendar based on your performing group
  • Be on time to class and in assigned seat with music and pencil
  • Show cooperation and effort in class and within the choir.
  •   Strive for improvement in each rehearsal
  • Study music and theory lessons outside of class
  • Treat music and equipment respectfully, returning it in the same condition.


Grading Policy
Grades will be calculated in the following way:
60%    Class Participation
30%    Concerts
10%    Singing tests/theory/written assignments


Concert Attendance Choir is a performing ensemble.  The work we do in class is to help us to become better musicians and performers.  This is why such a large part of your grade comes from concert attendance.  There are 1-2 concerts per trimester and the dates are scheduled in advance.  Please mark your calendars and be responsible for updating all choir information as needed.  All choir members are required to attend all prescheduled concerts. It IS part of your grade! 
Concert Make-up -- If a performance is missed, in order to 'make up' the missed concert, you will need to attend some other music event (choir concert, band concert, musical, etc.).  Write a ½ page review of what you saw/heard, include the actual program (or a copy) and a note signed by a parent verifying the assignment has been completed by you. This is to be turned in NO LATER than 2 weeks following a missed performance to be accepted.

Concert Attire -- Any combination of black and white – skirts and tops, dresses, pants (nice black jeans are acceptable), black socks (if wearing them) and black (or very dark) shoes. 
Absolutely NO words or logos.

Class Participation, Attitude and Focus Each student receives five points a day for simply participating and giving their full effort in class.  These points remain intact if the student come to class on time and are prepared.  Students will receive two free tardies per trimester.  After that, daily points will be deducted. Having choir music, pencil and being in your seat by the time the bell rings is considered ‘being prepared’.

Theory/Written work To become better musicians, we will learn some basic music theory/sight reading skills during our rehearsals.  An occasional worksheets may be provided, and in class quizzes will be given.  Voice part checks will also be given as a way to assess each student’s independence with the music.


When You’re Sick It is usually ok and very possible to sing through most illnesses, including colds and sore throats.  If you are truly unable to sing, remember that most of the work of rehearsal is mental.  Pay attention, follow along in the music, and be responsible for what takes place in the rehearsal. 


Classroom Expectations

We will adhere to the same procedures outlined in the student handbook regarding dress code, profanity, etc.  I will write disciplinary referrals according to the guidelines set by the school.


Cell phones, I-pods and other electronic devices are absolutely not to be visible or used in class.  If these expectations are broken, procedures of consequences include:

1.)  Warning

2.)  Cell phone/I-pod stays with Mrs.Aldinger until end of class

3.)  Cell phone/I-pod will be confiscated and can be picked up after school from the office


Food/Drink/Gum -- Absolutely not in the classroom. Daily points will be deducted following 3 verbal reminders.  Water bottles are allowed and encouraged!


Leaving class – The Hall Pass will be near the door for students to use.  Please sign out/in, take/return the Hall Pass. Abuse of this privilege will result in the loss of it.