Resources for Literacy

Two great online resources for students to build vocabulary, reading fluency and reading comprehension are Quizlet and TeenBiz3000 

        The first site is free and features interactive, fun flashcards and games to pre-teach and reteach academic terms.  Flash card sets with LRMS in the title were created to reinforce lessons in various areas.  You can check out one sample set for 6th grade that builds the skill of identifying word parts and "chunking" difficult words.  Check out "bio greek/latin roots LRMS " when you click on the site below.  Use the "Find Sets" search button.

  Teenbiz3000 can be accessed with LRMS student usernames.  It's an online literacy resource that offers individualized, timely news articles for reading and synthesizing information.  It closely aligns with Common Core State Standards to give our kids literacy skills needed to succeed.  Ask your child to share their self-created Avatar and individual achievement with you.