6th grade expectations and routines matrix

Our goal is to create classrooms that are predictable, positive and promote independent behavior.

In all classroom situations….  “It’s All About Respect…. Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe”


Expectations and Routines


You are responsible for the work you missed … check absent work boxes, teacher websites, ask classmates and teachers.

You have 1 extra day to make up your work for every day you are absent.

Vacation absences – follow school policy and check with your teachers when you return.


Computer and printer problems are part of life. Do not wait until the last minute to print out a project or paper.  If you are having printer problems at home and need to bring a disk to school or email the paper to your teacher, be sure you get the printing done before class starts.


Grades will be updated weekly.  You should check your grades weekly.

Extra Credit

Extra credit is not given to improve your grade.

Food and drink

Water only

Gum and Hats

Deposit your gum in the trash and remove your hat before entering the school.

Heading Papers

Head your paper in the upper right corner in the following manner:

First and Last Name/class period                                Example:        Suzy Smith/period 2

Date                                                                                                               Oct. 8th

Assignment name and/or page number                                                 p. 42 #4-8

Handing in papers

Be prepared to turn in your completed work at the beginning of class.


Assignments should be written in your tracker.

You can check teachers’ websites to find homework assignments and due dates.

Late assignments will receive a one grade deduction from the grade earned.

All late work for the unit is due the day of the unit assessment.  No late work will be accepted after the assessment.

Returned papers

Papers that have been returned should be kept until you are sure your score is correctly recorded in eSIS.


You are expected to be prepared for class with homework, necessary books and supplies when the BELL RINGS.   You will not be excused to retrieve missing items or make phone calls.

Personal items

Backpacks, purses, and portable electronics (cell phones, music players, etc.) must be stored safely in your locker to prevent theft or damage.

Personality conflicts

You will potentially be asked to work with classmates with whom you do not get along.  Regardless, be respectful.  Keep in mind that this is usually for a limited duration.  Working effectively with those whom you may differ is an essential skill for your future.


Use the restroom and get items from your locker between classes.  If you must use the restroom or go to your locker during class time, please wait until instructions/whole-class activities such as note-taking or example problems are completed.  You will need to sign out and use the class hall pass.  We have a 10/10 rule is you may not use the restroom the first 10 minutes of class or the last 10 minutes of class, as that can be done during break.