Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to 6th grade Science! We will have a fun year with many hands-on learning experiences provided in a positive learning environment. Students will learn that the field of Science is dynamic, and that our knowledge is continually changing and expanding as new research is being done.

Science Classroom Information and Policies:

Homework: Homework is usually an assignment that is started in class and finished at home. Homework assignments will be posted on the 6th grade collaborative online homework calendar.

Warm-Ups: Each day, students are expected to complete a warm-up in their spiral notebooks. The purpose of the warm-up is to help students focus on the lesson as soon as they enter the classroom. There will be a quiz each Friday based on Warm-Up exercises (students can use their Warm-ups on most quizzes!).

Grades and Grading System:

  • 100% - 90% = A
  •  89% - 80% = B
  • 79% - 70% = C
  • 69% - 60% = D
  • 59% and below = F

Grades in Synergy are weighted:

  •  20% Informative/Participation
  •  30% Formative/Practice (labs, projects, quizzes)
  •  50% Summative/Assessments

No extra credit will be given. Grades will be posted regularly and can be checked on eSIS.

6th Grade Next Generation Science Standards:

            Earth Science - Water Cycle, Weather and Climate, Human Impact

            Life Science - Cells and Living Things, Body Systems, Heredity, Natural Selection

            Physical Science -  Energy

Materials Needed Daily:

  •  Chromebook and charger
  •  Three ring binder with a section for science
  •  Science spiral
  •  Pen (blue or black)
  •  Novel 

 Accommodations for Special Needs:

Students on IEPs or 504s will be offered additional strategies to address needs as specified in their individual plans. Students demonstrating advanced proficiency are offered extensions to address the student’s individual rate and level of learning.

Best wishes this school year! I can’t wait to get to know the new 6th grade class!



Mrs. Clark