Contact me!

I welcome any and all phone calls and emails from students, parents, or guardians.  If you ever have a question about the curriculum plan, what your student is covering in class, how your student is doing in my class, or what you can do to help your student succeed, please do not hesitate to send me an email or give me a phone call.  

Although I welcome communication, I'm not always able to answer the phone if I'm in the middle of teaching.  Below you will find my office hours which are the ideal times to send me an email or call me.  I am also available to meet in person by appointment.  This applies to parents, guardians AND STUDENTS!

If your student is struggling or just has a few questions, please encourage him or her to stop by during lunchtime or before or after school- just make sure they let me know so I know that they are coming!  Thank you!

Ms. Yabu's Office Hours

Before School: 7:30-7:55am
After School: 2:50-3:30 pm