Course Expectations:

It’s easy to be a Spanish Success!  There are just a few expectations that you must meet on a daily basis:


  • Successful Spanish Speakers are RESPONSIBLE and arrive on time to class prepared to work and learn with all of their necessary materials (workbook, homework, pencil, paper, etc) everyday.
  • Successful Spanish Speakers  RESPECT the classroom environment by throwing away and recycling their trash, not writing on the desks, and putting all materials back where they belong.
  • Successful Spanish Speakers RESPECT their classmates and their teacher.  They make an effort to make sure every student feels SAFE in the classroom.  Hurtful, discriminatory, intolerant and inappropriate language will NOT be tolerated in any form,
  • Successful Spanish Speakers  make every effort possible to speak as much Spanish as possible when in the classroom.


Course Policies:

  • Late homework/practice is accepted for full credit.  The student will receive a 0 in esis until the assignment is turned in.
  • Late work will be accepted until the last day of a unit.  Once the unit has been completed (an exam has been given, the students have completed a project, etc) the late work will NOT be accepted and the student will receive a 0 for the assignment.
  • Assessment Re-takes:  Students may re-take an assessment if they did not receive a proficient score (8/10) on their first try.  A student must complete all practice/homework assignments practicing the skill that the assessment is on PRIOR to doing the re-take.  If the student has already completed all of the practice/homework, he/she must make an appointment to meet with Señorita Yabu to go over and practice the skills on the assessment PRIOR to doing the re-take.  
  • All Assessment Re-takes must be completed PRIOR to the next assessment that is given.  For example, the retake for assessment 1.1 must be completed PRIOR to assessment 1.2.  Specific exceptions may be made for long term absences, however, this will be arranged with Señorita Yabu.