Mr. Yoder's Classroom Page

    Welcome to my homepage!  Take a look around.  The picture you see above was taken by me this last summer at Pickathon Music Festival in Happy Valley, Oregon.  It was my 8th year attending the festival, and it is always a highlight of my summer.  I really do try to see as much live music as possible when school is not is session.  Besides attending shows, I like to spend my summers traveling, running, and enjoying quality time with my wife, Allison, and dog, Zoey.  And while I do love summers, it's good to be back in school.  I am so happy to be teaching at Laurel Ridge after a short stint in Portland, and I have worked to include all important class information on this page.  

Since we are moving away from Google Calendar and towards a new Canvas Calendar function, a classic "7th Grade Academic Calendar" no longer exists.  In the meantime, as the district works on making this new calendar accessible to parents, please ask your students to see their Canvas Calendars.  Important assignments and assessments should be found in a calendar-style layout individualized to each student's course load.  It's new, but is much more student-friendly in the long run.  

On the right side of this page you will find my professional bio and a link to additional course information.  My contact information is located at the bottom of this page,  and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Phone contact: (503) 825-5841