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                                               Sixth Grade Math Syllabus

                                                                         Laurel Ridge Middle School  2017-2018


Susan Knight                                                          Ryan Henderson                               

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Goal:  All students should be able to reason and communicate proficiently in mathematics.  They should have knowledge of and skill in the use of vocabulary, forms of representation, materials, tools, techniques and intellectual methods of the discipline of mathematics, including the ability to define and solve problems with reason, insight, inventiveness and technical proficiency.

Classroom Rules and Expectations:

§  “We will respect everyone’s right to learn.”

§  Consequences for violating this rule will follow Laurel Ridge Middle School guidelines.

Curriculum:  Our curriculum is College Prep Mathematics.  Students will have a textbook and access an EBook online.           

Practice Problems:  Practice problems will be assigned each night.   Students will write the assignments in their Tracker or you can find the assigned problems on the 6th Grade Academic Calendar on the Sixth Grade Website. 

Many parents express concern and frustration throughout the year in helping their child with the practice assignments.  Please understand that in the introduction part of a new concept, your child may struggle.  This is called “disequilibrium” and it is OKAY!!!  There are steps to get them to the understanding and maybe we have only covered step 1.  Let them struggle.  Let them be confused.  It is OKAY.  If you have one of those nights –30 minute limit – write me a note on the practice assignment or send me an email and let me know that you all hit the wall.  Please resist the temptation to show them an easier way in the beginning.  If we ask them to draw or explain a problem, resist the urge to show them the algorithm to get them to an answer to the problem.  The answer may not be what we are wanting from the student.  Please check our website for parent resources.

Grading:  Proficiency will be assessed through multiple checkpoints spiraled through the learning of each concept.  Multiple checkpoints consist of single learning target quizzes, exit tickets, mid-unit assessments, end-of-unit assessments and a trimester final. This assessment practice will more closely align with the high school, setting students up for future success.  Students will not have opportunities to retake quizzes or assessments.                    

Each checkpoint will include an error-analysis component so students can identify areas that need improvement.  This allows students to advocate for extra help from classmates, teachers, and parents which will better prepare them for the unit assessment.

All of the checkpoint grades and trimester final will be weighted and included in a student’s final trimester grade allowing students, parents, and teachers to see and track growth throughout the unit.



Checkpoint #1 - Quizzes, Exit Tickets, Team Quizzes, Partner Quizzes, Homework Quizzes


Checkpoint #2 - Mid-point Unit Assessment


Checkpoint #3 - End of Unit Assessment


Final - End of Trimester



        Most of the Homework/Practice assignments will be assigned points using this 2 point system:

§  2 pts. -  complete practice assignment with work shown and on time

§  1 pts. -  practice assignment incomplete (no work shown)

§  0 pts -   practice assignment not complete

§  These practice assignments will appear in Synergy as one grade for the week. 

      Some of the homework will be graded for accuracy such as the weekly Blues and test reviews.

       Students will be able to use homework as notes when taking quizzes in Checkpoint #1.

All work must be completed in pencil ONLY.  All assignment and assessment dates are available on 6th Grade Academic Calendar. 

Absences:  Students will be responsible for the work assigned while they were absent.  They need to check the calendar for assignments as well as the absent box for any worksheets.  Students have the same number of days to complete this absent work as the numbers of days they missed.  For example, if Jeff was absent for 3 days, he has 3 school days to turn in this work without penalty.

Extra Help:  Students should always take advantage of class time by asking questions!!  Coming in before school or after school is a great way to get extra help with or without an appointment.  However, we may not always be available due to meetings, but it never hurts to see if we are in our classrooms.

Teacher Contact:  Please feel free to contact us by email or phone with any questions, concerns, or just to check in.  We welcome communication and look forward to working in community with you this year!