Shawn Lally

                    STEAM   2013-2014

Dear Students and Families,

            Welcome to STEAM and to what I hope will be another exciting school year for you! In this class you will be experiencing Science,Technology, Engineering, Art & Math. In short, this project-based class will have you create products using technology and/or engineering, and can range from digital art to rockets.

What You’ll Need:
Students only need a pencil for class. Book bags can be a safety hazard in the shop and lab. Please leave them in lockers.

Format of Class:
Please read the announcement on the front board everyday as you walk in. The supplies are on the table in front or on the side shelves. Homework will be extremely  rare. Due dates will be posted and announced in class multiple times.

Class Rules: Be SAFE with all tools. Be ON TIME (in your seat when the bell rings). Be RESPECTFUL to others and their work. Be RESPONSIBLE to do your work well. NO AIRBORNE OBJECTS!



Informative - (practice, checkpoints, daily activity etc.) = 0%

Formative - (Project Pieces/Tasks) = 20%

Summative - (Project Product) = 80%


Tardies: 3rd Tardy per trimester = 30 minute detention. Every tardy after that = 30 minute detention.

Discipline: Most students will never get a warning because they work hard and behave appropriately. If a student is out of their seat, talking inappropriately, or doing other behavior that breaks class rules, that student might get a warning. The 3rd warning = 30 minute detention + FYI. The 4th warning = referral to administrator, call home to parents and another detention.

Storing your work overnight: Keep your area organized and clean. Put your name on all of your work. TAKE WORK HOME AFTER IT IS GRADED.


Clean Up & Leaving: It’s your responsibility to clean off your table before you leave. You will not be allowed to leave until your area is clean. At the end of class, stay in your seats until dismissed.

How to pay your lab fee: Students can bring a check ($30) in a envelope to the teacher or….

To pay online, please follow these instructions:

            1) Go to the Sherwood Middle School Web Page (

            2) Click on “Web Store” on the right-hand menu.

            3) Click where it says to pay for fees and follow directions to pay your child’s lab fee for this class.


Should this be a difficult time and you cannot pay this lab fee, just send a confidential note with your child for me.  

Thank you! Mr. Lally:         Mrs. Reedy: