Laurel Ridge Middle School Physical Education

P.E. Make-Up Form



Complete the Following steps:


1.     ____________________________    _____________     _________

                         (print first and last name)                    (date(s) absent)        ( PE Period)


2.      Warm-up 4-5 minutes


3.      Stretch


4.      Strength: 30 seconds of sit ups & 30 seconds of push-ups.


5.      For each day absent, complete 45 minutes of physical activity.  Participating in extra-curricular activities such as an athletic team is acceptable.  Each practice or game can be used for one day of absence.  Briefly describe the activity below.












6.  __________________________________________________

(student signature)                                       (date of activity)



7.      ___________________________________________________

(guardian signature who observed your workout)           (date)


         8.  Return this form to your P.E. teacher within two weeks of absent date.




  • Make – ups are due within two weeks of missed class period.
  • Form can only be used for five make-ups per trimester. After five, student must make arrangements with teacher.