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Class Expectations

Classoroom Expectations 

I expect each student to be in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing with 100% effort.  Attending class and participating with a positive attitude are precursors to success in this course! 

This is my classroom, and YOUR classroom. This is your school, and you should take PRIDE in making this a great place for everyone to be.

My promises to you:

1. My room will be a safe place for all students.

2. I will always be available for you—just let me know what and when.

3. I will only give you a reasonable amount of work to do, based upon your potential.

4. I will apply rules and consequences fairly, based upon students’ needs.

My expectations of you:

1. Come to class prepared.

2. Be respectful of other people.

3. Be responsible for yourself.

4. Follow directions.

5. Be safe.

If you choose to violate these expectations, you will be given the chance to learn from your mistakes. Some consequences include: verbal warning, remaining after class or after school to talk with me, FYI and detention after parent notification and referral and administrator involvement.

I will treat all students fairly, but remember that all of you have different needs and different lessons to learn. If you have an issue with the way a situation has been handled, you are encouraged to bring it up with me after class.

To all parents and guardians of students in Ms. Wickham’s class:

I am glad to be working with your student here at LRMS. I am looking forward to meeting with you at conferences this year and getting to know you and your student. I am committed to student success and making sure that my room is a great place for all kids. Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns. Email is best—and don’t forget, Synergy is a great way to check in on your students progress.

Sincerely and with great enthusiasm,

Tracie Wickham