The chart below represents the academic language agreed upon by the Laurel Ridge staff and administration.  This language is consistent with the assessment and grading policies found in synergy.  Below the chart is a direct link to Sherwood School District's Teaching and Learning department for further clarification concerning academic policies.


LRMS Grading Categories



Definition for Parents/Students




Summative Assessments of student proficiency against standards.   These assessments require students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills called for by content standards and represent student learning over a period of time.

Tests, performance tasks, projects, presentations...



Assignments, activities, tasks, or assessments which help students develop proficiency on a standard.  These assignments inform teaching and provide feedback for learning but are not a summative assessment of learning.  

Quizzes, practice tests, assignments...



This category is generally used as a means to communicate important information regarding student behaviors such as effort, responsibility, participation and work completion.  Entries in this category have no impact on a student’s grade.

Participation grades, permission slips, practice logs...

 Sherwood School District – Secondary Proficiency Rubric

Category Label



 Generalized Definition

 Generalized Example**



Meets all of the requirements of the grade level standard and can demonstrate understanding at a higher level of rigor based on Blooms Taxonomy.


To exceed the standard students might be required to JUSTIFY (Evaluate)** an idea, DEFEND (Evaluate)** a particular point of view or DEVELOP an alternate solution (Create)**




Meets all of the requirements and demonstrates all of the knowledge and skills of the grade level standard at the appropriate level of rigor.


Standard requires students to COMPARE and CONTRAST (Analyze)** multiple viewpoints or concepts embedded in the standard



Meets the most basic elements of a given standard, but not all knowledge and skills embedded in the standard are demonstrated.   Demonstrates the essential knowledge and skills required.  Cannot demonstrate level of rigor called for by verb in the standard


Student can EXPLAIN (Understand)** essential information or concepts in the standard, but is unable to apply or analyze the information




Meets a few elements of a given grade level standard, but many required elements are missing and limited understanding demonstrated


Student can IDENTIFY (Remember)** essential information in the standard from a list or multiple choice assessment

Insufficient Evidence

0-50% depending on level of understanding

Student completed the assessment, but little, if any evidence of learning relative to the standard is shown


Student is unable to identify, explain, or demonstrate knowledge and skills

No Attempt Made

Blank in Gradebook


Student did not complete the given assessment


*Scores show minimum values for each level of knowledge and skills.  Teachers have discretion to give additional points.  For example, if student demonstrated all of the requirements to earn the score of Proficient and some, but not all elements of Exceeding, they may earn a score of 85%.

**From Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy